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> Memories of the WBZ tower falling on Nelson Bragg's (I think) car during one
> of the hurricanes in '54 or '55.
> The news pic had him "Oh no-ing" with his hand on his forehead.
> Paul
> Cape Cod
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> > Have all of you seen these of the KFI Tower (post run-in with the light
> > plane?)
> >
> > http://www.sakrison.com/radio/KFItowercollapse.html
> >
> > This find is courtesy of the W0KIE / Dishnuts Network
> >
> > Makes you want to think twice about working in an industrial park under a
> > tower like the WEGQ/WCGY/WSTR stick off Forest Street in Peabody
> >
> > Happy Holiday to all
> >
> > Roger
> > WESX
> >
There are comparatively few stations that have their transmitting towers
at the same site as their studio location...WKOX was one of them (I
say "WAS" because I presume that these days, there's nobody at
100 Mt. Wayte any more);  and yes, on one occasion, during the 
1190 days, the WKOX tower did come tumbling down onto the studio
facility.  Speaking of tower danger areas, Waltham must take the prize
locally with two of them:  the office park near the WWZN-AM 1510 towers
(there are 4 of them) and a similar office park near the two
WRCA-AM 1330 towers on South Street.  (They could also affect
a nearby FM station whose call letters skip my mind because
they don't give them enough!).
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