"Donate Car To Charity" Scheme May End

Tony Abruzzese abruzzese@biochem.bumc.bu.edu
Mon Dec 20 14:05:08 EST 2004

Shawn Mamros wrote:

>Back to the original subject - has anyone else noted that 'BZ's "Helping
>Hands of America" spots have always been voiced by name talent, as opposed
>to their "no name" spot announcers?  It used to be the late David Brudnoy
>who did those spots.  The one they currently run uses Gil Santos' voice.
>One wonders how they make the decision to use name vs. no-name voices -
>do the former cost extra for the sponsor?  And how much say does a name
>announcer have in deciding whether he does a spot or not?
The Helping Hands spots, at least on the Greater Media Stations, use GM 
talent.  Loren & Wally do the spots in the morning on WROR, sometimes 
even live.  Barnicle & crew also do some spots on his show on WTKK, and 
I believe that Jay Severin also does a spot for them.

My guess is that there is some kind of deal  along the lines of the 
Giant Glass spots where the spots on each station have the choice of 
using "generic" talent or using station talent to do the spots for that 


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