WMAS 1450 to talk

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Sun Dec 19 14:26:37 EST 2004

Bob Nelson wrote:

><snip> Hendrie is the guy who does a talk show spoof where he does all the voices (and when he does political talk I think he's on the right a bit, but who knows; 
>maybe fiscal conservative social moderate or something. I could be wrong... 
>only heard some of his reg. stuff, mostly the "talk show spoof" stuff, via 
>tape traders). 

Hendrie is live 10-1a (ET). Since he moved from 7-10p I've lost track.  Very funny guy. He can bust-on better than anyone, IMO. And when he does get serious, I'd say he's moderate, slightly right of center.  Does spend more time spoofing on talkradio.  

Bill O'Neill
Shoreham, VT

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