WMAS 1450 to talk

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Speaking of 1450, WNBP in Newburyport is now under the tutelage of Todd
Tangier of WBOQ fame. No change in format yet, just a new boss.

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> Not sure exactly when it flipped but I guess WMAS 1450 in Springfield is
now talk: George Murphy (local), Stephanie Miller, Neil Boortz, Ed Schulz,
> Rhodes, Phil Hendrie. I had heard about some lil' AM station going AA out
that way (thought WHMP had done so awhile ago...)
> Boortz and Hendrie aren't on in Boston. From what I've heard Boortz is a
libertarian while Hendrie is the guy who does a talk show spoof where he
does all the voices (and when he does political talk I think he's on the
right a bit, but who knows;
> maybe fiscal conservative social moderate or something. I could be
> only heard some of his reg. stuff, mostly the "talk show spoof" stuff, via
> tape traders).
> WMAS had been Music of your Life...still listed as such (for now)
> on 100000 watts and radio-locator. Maybe they flipped months ago and I
just hadn't heard yet (haven't been in that area since Labor Day)
> http://www.947wmas.com/pages/wmas1450/index.php3
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