WMAS 1450 to talk

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@myway.com
Sat Dec 18 11:11:26 EST 2004

Not sure exactly when it flipped but I guess WMAS 1450 in Springfield is now talk: George Murphy (local), Stephanie Miller, Neil Boortz, Ed Schulz, Randi 
Rhodes, Phil Hendrie. I had heard about some lil' AM station going AA out that way (thought WHMP had done so awhile ago...) 

Boortz and Hendrie aren't on in Boston. From what I've heard Boortz is a libertarian while Hendrie is the guy who does a talk show spoof where he does all the voices (and when he does political talk I think he's on the right a bit, but who knows; 
maybe fiscal conservative social moderate or something. I could be wrong... 
only heard some of his reg. stuff, mostly the "talk show spoof" stuff, via 
tape traders). 

WMAS had been Music of your Life...still listed as such (for now) 
on 100000 watts and radio-locator. Maybe they flipped months ago and I just hadn't heard yet (haven't been in that area since Labor Day) 


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