Maine News

Garrett Wollman
Thu Dec 16 21:48:25 EST 2004

<<On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 20:50:40 -0500, "Daniel Billings" <> said:

> WMEH-HD, at 90.9 MHz

Of course, "-HD" is just nonsense dreamed up by iBiquity.  IBOC
operations are not a separate license and do not have their own
callsigns.  (Likewise, so far as I can tell from parts 2 and 73,
"-DT".)  The controlling paragraph is 73.3550(f).  (2.302 does not
seem to have been kept up-to-date.)  The FCC has mentioned the
possibility of issuing separate callsigns to multicast audio services
if these are permitted.


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