"Companion Radio" 98.9 Beverly

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Wed Dec 8 22:33:25 EST 2004

The Companion Radio folks are actually here in Rochester. There was 
something about them a while back in the local rag, and the DXers find 
their signals every once in a while on both the AM and FM dials. They seem 
to be constantly adding new retirement homes (or whatever today's euphemism 
is) to their network, and they seem to be doing a pretty good job of 
picking open channels to operate on. Truly Part 15 compliant? Who knows...


>A while back, I was driving near Beverly Hospital and noticed some
>big-band-era music at 98.9 FM. Not sure where it came from. Then
>Kaimbridge Goldchild emailed me and asked if I ever heard a "non-ID"
>station on that frequency, in that area. I told him what I'd heard.
>He said he went to that area (Brimball Ave. in Beverly) and noticed
>the signal was strongest near the Blueberry Hill Rest Home. He asked
>around and found that they're the ones broadcasting it (not really
>a powerful signal; flea-powered. Only can be picked up from one end
>of Brimball Ave. to another.)
>Today I heard them say "This is Companion Radio--Potpourri" as
>I drove past the rest home around 4 pm. A quick web search led me
>to this link--looks like they're a service for "senior facilities"
>by satellite. Checked out their schedule--wow, I'm nearly 43,
>yet it sounded interesting to me: OTR shows like "Jack Benny"
>and "Burns and Allen"; jazz; folk, etc. Wonder if they'd
>provide service to more powerful stations?
>No banners. No pop-ups. No kidding.
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