Brudnoy near death

Mark Watson
Wed Dec 8 18:30:45 EST 2004

 Donna Halper wrote:

> Per Dean Johnson, Dan Kennedy and -- David >Brudnoy's cancer 
> has spread and he only has a few days to live.

    WBZ Radio will be airing David Brudnoy's farewell remarks tonight at 
7PM, according to WBZ-TV 4. Brudnoy requested a chance to thank and say 
farewell to what he calls his "family"- his listeners. WBZ Radio news anchor 
Gary LaPierre visited  Brudnoy at Mass General Hospital this afternoon and 
recorded the interview with David. I'll be rolling tape per request of 
someone who will be unable to listen. I'm sure many on the list if able will 
want to do the same.

    David Brudnoy fought a good fight, certainly defying the odds more than 
once it seems. My thoughts and prayers go out to David Brudnoy, he will be 
missed by many. One of the last intelligent and civilized radio talk hosts.

Mark Watson 

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