Brudnoy near death

Laurence Glavin
Wed Dec 8 18:13:27 EST 2004

>From: "Sid Schweiger" <>
>Subject: Re: Brudnoy near death
>Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 15:01:55 -0700

> >> Per Dean Johnson, Dan Kennedy and -- David Brudnoy's cancer
> has spread and he only has a few days to live.<<
> Damn.  One of the more articulate, polite, open-minded talk show
> hosts...and from all accounts, a thoroughly decent human being.  He will
> be acutely missed.
Talk about a work ethic;  he was doing his show until shortly before
Thanksgiving, although he sounded pretty rough the last time
I heard him.  He also taught a class at BU.  Probably did the
grading before checking into the hospital.  In his 
spare(?) time he did movie reviews for the Herald's
suburban weeklies.  Maybe he should have given up
some of these other duties, and kept just the talk show
schedule...he probably just wore out.  The only bright
side:  he probably didn't see "Alexander".
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