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Bob Nelson raccoonradio@myway.com
Sun Dec 5 13:45:39 EST 2004

>>It's not unusual to get distant signals well after sunrise.  That happened today (12/05) as I was listening to LTAR from about 25 miles away.  The Toronto station at 740 was very audible under Bob

Hmm--prob. happened here in Beverly, too. I taped LTAR on my bedroom stereo and also happened to have WJIB on my clock radio and I could
hear music under Bob's voice on the latter.

Around dusk the other day (or actually just before dusk) I was picking up WSAW 1160 in Augusta, ME (ESPN) quite well here on the North Shore...also was hearing some "choral" Christmas carols
on 920. Hmm, it wasn't Air America on WHJJ for sure...it was
CJCH from Halifax, NS, doing well in N. Reading at dusk.

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