Dean Johnson Byline Appears With Radio Items

Laurence Glavin
Thu Dec 2 17:46:17 EST 2004

Today's (12/02) Boston Herald contained two stories pertaining to
radio:  one about the return of Gregg Daniels to WBMX-FM 98.5 Boston...
and the intention of Clear Channel Brodacasting to reduce clutter on
most of its stations, soon to include WXKS-FM 107.9 and WJMN-FM 94.5
in Boston.  These were brief items running down the side of the page 
and each was signed by Dean Johnson.  I guess this means that D.J. is
their go-to guy when there's anything happening on the radio front,
but his weekly column is histoire. (WBIX-AM stories appear on the
business pages and carry bylines of business page writers.)
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