Barron's: Is this the future of radio?

Donna Halper
Sat Aug 28 17:16:29 EDT 2004

At 11:05 AM 8/28/2004 -0400, Dan S. wrote:
>So read the large headline on the cover of the 8/30/04 issue of Barron's
>(weekly), sister publication of the Wall Street Journal. Beneath the
>headline and a very bearish deckhead on the dismal future of radio as an
>investment, is a picture of a 1930's-era classic table radio draped with

I subscribe and will be happy to send anyone who wants it a copy of the 
article in full-text. And yes, it IS depressing, as depressing as driving 
across the state of Massachusetts several days ago and hearing the same 
programs syndicated on station after station after station.   Oh do I miss 
live, local radio...

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