Barron's: Is this the future of radio?

Laurence Glavin
Sat Aug 28 12:56:14 EDT 2004

>From: "Dan Strassberg" <>
>Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 11:05:14 -0400
>To: <>,"S. M. Marathe, UTS" <>
>Subject: Barron's: Is this the future of radio?

> So reads the large headline on the cover of the 8/30/04 issue of Barron's
> (weekly), sister publication of the Wall Street Journal. Beneath the
> headline and a very bearish deckhead on the dismal future of radio as an
> investment, is a picture of a 1930's-era classic table radio draped with
> cobwebs. You may feel that $4.00 is a high price to pay for Barron's very
> downbeat assessment of the medium's future (at least as an investment), but
> some radio geeks will surely join the financial elite for this one week.

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> Dan Strassberg,
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Almost every medium-to-large-size city or town that has a public
liberry that carries "Barron's".  I will indeed check it out
there (as I did the "Weekly Standard" magazine's story on NPR.
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