Rambling about WGIR's Dan Pierce will not be heard today because...

John Bolduc n1qgs@yahoo.com
Sat Aug 28 12:50:58 EDT 2004

I am so unhappy with what has happened at WGIR 610AM over the last few

Mike Ball's departure from the morning show got me upset. His show was
always the one that was on my clock radio to wake me up in the morning.
I've resorted to WBZ in the meantime as I find Charlie Sherman's show on
WGIR too much of a departure what what I liked about Mike's show. No that
was too kind, but good taste prevents me from typing in what I really
think of Charlie Sherman's show.

Woody Woodland on WKBR 1250 AM has long been one personality I have
listened to, but his pace is much better for late morning, or afternoon,
not wake up and get going time.

Dan Pierce has been hinting on the air lately that things were not so
rosy. His use of the term, I'll keep running the show/station this way
until they fire me, was heard a number of times recently. He apparently
fired himself. Hopefully Dan will be back on the air locally in the
future, perhaps with a slightly less right-wing attitude.

My apologies to all those fine morning shows on the FM dial, but I cut my
teeth on AM radio and I'm what marketing people who call a laggard!


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