Mobile Studios

Mark Watson
Sat Aug 28 10:55:40 EDT 2004

   WCAP's mobile studio still lives on 30 years later.I was thinking after
my "WCAP vs WODS" post: how many other radio stations currently have mobile
studios or had mobile studios over the years. Here is a listing of some of
those I've seen over the years:

   GMC 70's vintage motor homes were popular as mobile broadcast
facilities.WHDH (850 Boston) had a 70's GMC mobile studio. WLNG (92.1 Sag
Harbor NY) had one that I took a photo of in the mid-90's parked outside
their "Broadcast House" studios. They also have a early 80's GMC transit bus
converted to a mobile studio pictured on their website  (

  WGAN (560 Portland) had a Winnebago mobile studio that I saw in action
twice in the early 80's. In 1980, I saw it at a park in Portland, Joe
MacMillan was on the air that day.

  WBZ (1030 Boston) had their "Incredible Broadcast Machine"  in the 70's
and 80's which later gave way to the "Mobile Newsroom". Does WBZ still have
the "Mobile Newsroom" ?

  WEIM (1280 Fitchburg) had a trailer, later a Chevy camper/conversion van
used as mobile studios. The trailer was parked alongside their studios for
ages, don't know if it's still there (haven't been out by their building in
a while) or if it's still used.

  WZID (95.7 Manchester) has a trailer which is one of those giant "boom
boxes" that I believe is still in use.

Can anyone add to the list?

Mark Watson

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