A Boston First?

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Thu Aug 26 23:36:36 EDT 2004

> A trivia Newsletter I receive claimed (on this date):
> In 1986, WGBH-FM in Boston became the first radio station
> in the nation to broadcast in ultra-clear digital sound.   \
> True?

Well, the WGBH-FM 89.7 broadcast would certainly have been analog in 1986.
And if they were using a digital audio source like a CD, that wouldn't
have been a first of any sort in 1986, either.

Could this have been when they tried using WGBX 44's video signal to carry
the output of the old Sony PCM-501 digital converter? We used to use those
at WBRS (circa 1990) to make digital recordings of our live music show, in
that pre-CD burner era. We'd record them to a Beta (later a VHS) cassette,
which could then be played back through the converter. Wonder if the
station still has the tapes, or the converter? (Aaron?)


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