Groucho Marx

Brian Vita
Sat Aug 21 00:54:58 EDT 2004

> Groucho was on a number of other radio shows, none of which 
> lasted very long.  According to the story, Walgreen Drugs was 
> doing an all-star special, with a storyline that had Bob Hope 
> running a radio station in the middle of the Sahara Desert.  
> About midway through, Groucho was supposed to show up as a 
> salesman.  The show was running late, and Groucho sat around 
> cooling his heels and feeling sorry for himself.  
> Finally, when it was time for him to go on, Bob Hope 
> delivered the scripted line, "Groucho Marx, what are you 
> doing in the Sahara Desert?"
> Groucho ad-libbed, "Desert hell, I've been standing in a 
> drafty corridor for a half hour!"  Then Bob Hope threw away 
> the script, and the two of them kept up with hillarious 
> ad-libs for the next ten minutes.

Does anyone know if this show is available anywhere to hear?  It sounds like
it'd be a hoot.

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