Groucho Marx

Sid Schweiger
Fri Aug 20 07:31:21 EDT 2004

>>Someone actually =did= take note of the anniversary of the death of Groucho Marx, on 19 August 1977.  It was noted on the ticker at the bottom of the screen this morning on CNN Headline News.<<

The only time in Groucho's life when he could be legitimately accused of bad timing.  He died three days after Elvis, and almost no one noticed.

And just to keep this thread on topic, Groucho had a long career in broadcasting.  The radio show he did with his brother Chico, "Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel" ran on NBC-Blue during the 1940's, and of course "You Bet Your Life" for a few seasons on CBS Radio and 11 years on NBC-TV.

And, of course, there's this memorable exchange with Chico in "The Cocoanuts," the Marx Brothers' first film:

GROUCHO: there a remote possibility that you know what radius is?
CHICO:  It'sa WJZ.

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