"JC Golden Oldies" Returns To The Airwaves....

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Thu Aug 19 21:15:19 EDT 2004

> or through the rumored to exist/had existed at one time "beer
> door in the
> floor" (Scott Fybush knows what I'm talking about) in the
> WCAP news booth
> and hook into JC's sound system. Cheap, instant programming
> to lead into
> "Music & Memories Overnight" 2 nights a week.
> Now back to reality, already in progress
> Mark Watson

Although I can attest to the absence of any such door, I can't deny the
existence of a fireman's pole in the lobby leading to the tap room. <g>  And
back in the day, Kappy's had live (tacky cover) bands with the audio pounding up
through the floor into the air studio.

Bill O'Neill

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