Animal nicknames for radio stations

Thu Aug 19 06:01:35 EDT 2004

And..let's not forget WALE 990AM in Providence (Greenville, RI).  A radio
"Whale" that migrated from New Bedford, MA (The Whaling City) whose primary
50Kw signal-out-to-sea has become a bit of an "albatros" for it's owners
over the years.  Now it is "supermax990" - a Spanish broadcaster.

=Russ Butler

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> >My alam-mater: WAAL the Whale in Binghamton, NY (and sister station
> >to WAAF many years ago). Also in Binghamton: WHWK the Hawk.
> Let us not forget Moose 92 in Maine. (Or has it already been mentioned?
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> Larry Weil
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