Dem., Kerry lawyers try to squelch anti-Kerry ad

tony schinella
Sat Aug 7 09:46:11 EDT 2004

The reason Gore was pinned with the "Inventing the
Internet" line is because of what he insinuated at
the time, from CNN transcripts:

"GORE: Well, I will be offering -- I'll be
offering my vision when my campaign begins. And it
will be comprehensive and sweeping. And I hope
that it will be compelling enough to draw people
toward it. I feel that it will be. But it will
emerge from my dialogue with the American people.
I've traveled to every part of this country during
the last six years. During my service in the
United States Congress, I took the initiative in
CREATING THE INTERNET. I took the initiative in
moving forward a whole range of initiatives that
have proven to be important to our country's
economic growth and environmental protection,
improvements in our educational system."

However, as has been noted by Wired Magazine, Gore
had nothing to do with "creating the Internet" -
"Preliminary discussions of how the ARPANET would
be designed began in 1967, and a request for
proposals went out the following year. In 1969,
the Defense Department commissioned the ARPANET.
Gore was 21-years-old at the time. He wasn't even
done with law school at Vanderbilt University. It
would be eight more years before Gore would be
elected to the US House of Representatives as a
freshman Democrat with scant experience in passing
legislation, let alone ambitious proposals."

After Gore insinuated that he "took the initiative
in creating the Internet," the late night talk
hosts started to crack their jokes and Gore got
pinned with the "Inventing the Internet" line.
However, it was Gore's blatant exaggeration that
led to him being tagged with the line. The media
didn't have to offer a rebuttal. What Gore should
have done was diverted the criticism by explaining
specifics about what he would do as president
instead of trying to prove himself presidential.

But since he was too busy exaggerating about every
point - being the inspiration for "Love Story,"
discovering Love Canal, saying at a union meeting
that his mother used to sing the union label song
to him as a baby even though he was in his
thirties when the jingle was written, and yeah,
"creating the Internet," - he seemed pathological.
The media just jumped on the sense people already
had about the guy. He should have won the election
in a landslide and actually before the debates,
Gore had a 74-Electoral College vote lead in most
polls. But he huffed and puffed his way through
the debates, blew his lead and the Supreme Court
installed Bush.

Tony Schinella
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> On 6 Aug 2004 at 17:37, Larry Weil wrote:
> > In theory, that's great.  In practice, the
media often will not cover the
> > rebuttal, so only one side gets heard.
> Yeah, like the way the media repeated endlessly
the falsehood that Al Gore claimed to have
> "invented" the Internet, but never printed the
> Or, as Richard Nixon once remarked, the charge
is printed on the front page, but the denial
> is buried under the deodorant ads.
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