Dem., Kerry lawyers try to squelch anti-Kerry ad

A. Joseph Ross
Sat Aug 7 00:28:36 EDT 2004

On 6 Aug 2004 at 13:40, Bob Nelson wrote:

> But what if the topic being discussed is the attempt to get TV
> stations not to run the ad, etc.? That might be considered on
> topic and relevant to broadcast interests. Inevitably, it may
> lead to which Yale graduate (Bush '68 or Kerry '66) list members are
> supporting, but it does involve the ethics of a campaing trying
> to squelch an ad--and whether or not the accusations are fair.

Frankly, with some of the blatant and deliberately false statements being made, I don't see 
why the target of those statements can't remind stations that there is such a thing as 
actionable defamation.  Even a public figure can sue for defamation if the statement was 
published with willful disregard of the truth.  And maybe it's about time someone did.

And I include Fahrenheit 9/11 in that.  I think it's possible to do an entertaining and effective 
anti-Bush movie based on real facts, not the half-truths and insinuations that Michael Moore 
uses.  I don't happen to believe that a left-wing Rush Limbaugh is what we need.

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