Dem., Kerry lawyers try to squelch anti-Kerry ad

Wayne Carter
Fri Aug 6 19:16:47 EDT 2004

	Interesting concept, though I wish personal responsibility 
would keep both parties, and all on-air advertisers, from 
broadcasting inaccuracies. I live in a panacea, but I believe that 
the better part of common sense says only air things you know to be 
true and accurate, and leave the lies and half truths to others...

	just an opinion, and we all about about opinions....


	Wayne Carter

>But that is irrelevant to the topic that is (I believe) relevant for 
>this list -- the airing of the ad on television.
>Accurate or not, legal under the Internal Revenue Code section 527 
>or not, the prior restraint of political speech is quite unlikely to 
>be ordered by a court of law.
>If I am true to myself (a basically moderate Democrat who believes 
>that free speech is the heartbeat of America), I must insist that 
>the means for addressing inaccuracies in a political ad is not to 
>squelch speech, but rather to prove its inaccuracy, even if there is 
>a cost to a particular candidate I would badly prefer to see prevail 
>over his opponent.
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>Attorney at Law
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