another Meninoism

Dan Strassberg
Fri Aug 6 10:51:47 EDT 2004

One of the AccuWeather guys on WBZ always signs off with "This is
meteorolist <so and so>." (Might be Gary Schwindenhammer--a guy with more
letters in his surname (15) than I have in mine (10).) My assumption is
that, like the President, who can't pronounce nuclear (but doubtless
CAN say "new" and "clear" as separate words), this guy can't say
meteorologist but could say meteor and ologist as two separate words. It's
got to be some form of brain damage. In Bush's case, it's probably
from too much alcohol, which he admits having consumed in his younger days.
But the AccuWeather guy? A small stroke, maybe? Of course, I suppose he
could be a recovering alcoholic, just like W.

Dan Strassberg,
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> > today Boston Mayor Tom Menino was shown saying (on Channel 5).... "the
> > perforation of guns across the state........"  I assume he meant the
> > "proliferation"
> >
> > -g
> ...unless the mayor was speaking to holes in Homeland Security....nah.
> Bill O'Neill

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