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I don't know whether my memory is playing tricks on me, but I could SWEAR
that one Saturday late afternoon or early evening (WHEB ran full power until
Atlanta sunset, IIRC; Atlanta sunset must average close to an hour after
Boston sunset), just weeks before WHEB signed off for the last time, I was
parked in my car on Mt Auburn St in Cambridge in front of what was then
Pentimento Restaurant, waiting for Susan to arrive and join me for dinner at
Pentimento. I was listening on the car radio to WHEB in the splatter from
WJIB, which is only about half a mile away. I recall that this was AFTER
WJIB started airing LTAR. And LTAR hasn't yet been on the air for 10 years.
(No, LTAR wasn't on as I sat listening to the first-adjacent station; LTAR
has never been on on Saturday evening.) If my memory serves me--and it may
not--this would place WHEB's signoff in 1994 or thereabouts. Even if I am
wrong about this incident having occurred after LTAR started, it could not
have taken place in 1987, because my wife died in September 1988 and I
didn't meet Susan until shortly after that. Of course, I suppose I could
have been listening to WVNE and not WHEB, but it's hard to imagine my doing
that for any length of time under ANY circumstances.

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> Close! WHEB-AM 750 went dark in 1987.
> Roy Lawrence
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> Sid Whitaker asked:
> (how long as WHEB-AM been dark? 20 years?)
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