Mets Announcer Bob Murphy Has Died

Donna Halper
Wed Aug 4 02:17:36 EDT 2004

>Mark wrote--
>    According to the story, Murphy's broadcasting career started in 1954
>working Boston Red Sox games. He then worked in Baltimore in 1960 & 1961,
>then took one of the three TV & radio positions for the Mets when they began
>playing in 1962, calling over 6.000 games on TV & radio including their 1969
>& 1986 World Series victories. Who did Bob Murphy work with on Red Sox
>games? Were they on WHDH radio back in the 50's? Sounds like a job for Donna

Well, it's nice to have a job... As Don Kelley pointed out, yes Bob Murphy 
was paired with Curt Gowdy in the late 50s-- one of my earliest Red Sox 
memories is of them doing the games on WHDH... I think they were sponsored 
by Narragansett Beer (Hi Neighbor, Have a 'Gansett), and Atlantic Gasoline 
(Atlantic Keeps Your Car on the Go), among other sponsors.  I probably have 
some old Red Sox programs that list the two of them, and yes it was prior 
to Ned Martin-- my recollection was that Ned Martin was hired in 1961.    

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