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Mark Watson
Sun Aug 1 19:10:41 EDT 2004

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> I can think of a bunch of guys who've made the >transition lately. Bob
Halloran. Gary Gillis did it for a >while. Mark Kadzik (probably misspelled
his name) on WBZ Radio. Alan Segal does some news stuff, too. >There's a
couple other examples from this market but I >can't think of them now.

   Ed Harding on Channel 5 went from weekend sports anchor to weekday 5-7 AM
news co-anchor. Also, Frank Mallicoat on Channel 56 went from sports
reporter to weeknight news co-anchor. Also at Channel 56, it seems they have
a new weekend meterologist, Joe Venuti, who replaced Bonnie Schneider in
that post. Schneider is now doing news reporting as well as some
entertainment stuff as well. So it's not just sports reporters making the
switch to news. Makes one wonder if it was the reporter's choice or the news
director's choice for these changes.

   BTW, Bob Halloran does double duty on weekend 6 & 11 PM news on Channel
5. He co-anchors the news and also is sports anchor on same newscasts.

Mark Watson

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