Opinion Piece On Air America Stirs Nasty Responses

Paul Hopfgarten paul@03038.com
Fri Apr 30 20:18:33 EDT 2004

Because Liberals have no sense of humor! (By and large)

The Nat Gaurd Gen in MA that forwarded what was a genuinely funny e-mail,
and the Dems take a nutty!


-Paul Hopfgarten
-East Derry NH

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Corey Deitz (About.Com Radio Guide) did an opinion piece on Air America,
their current difficulties and his perception of what it might take for them
to succeed (Against All Odds).  I thought his criticisms were reasonably
fair and from an industry-insider's vantage point. His main thrust was
"First, It's Gotta Be Entertaining," but, it seems many readers were
incensed at his assessment and took it as a political attack.  Corey
characterized the responses as "amusing, contradictory and downright

Editorial here:

Reader responses (and Corey's replies) here:

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