How about...Air America on college radio?

Tue Apr 27 07:28:53 EDT 2004

  Terry Wood wrote:
>Anytime someone calls one of those on your station they get ridiculed and
>called unintelligent, especially by you star replacement for the great
>"Jerry Williams".  Oh, how far RKO fell when they were sold to a
>conservative group like Entercom.

Each to their own taste.  While his politics may have been different than 
many hosts of today, he certainly could be every bit as dismissive of 
callers who didn't share his views.  Frankly, his continual ranting really 
got grating after a while (seat belt law, for example).  As a radio geek I 
enjoyed his Mac Richmond stories, but the facts tended to get garbled after 
the 2nd or 3rd time you heard the same story.  Yes, there are hosts who 
ridicule callers who disagree with them, but let's not paint all hosts with 
the same brush.

There is no denying that Jerry was way ahead of his time, but by the 
mid-80s his time had clearly come and gone.  By the time he lost his shift 
to Howie he was pretty much mailing it in himself.  There is little sadder 
in this industry than someone who doesn't know when to hang up the 'phones. 

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