How about...Air America on college radio?

Rick Kelly
Mon Apr 26 16:15:12 EDT 2004

-- "Sid Schweiger" <>, wrote:

>>They spend endless time effectively interviewing each other, talking to
guests with identical viewpoints to theirs, congratulating each other, and
worst of all, falling into the easiest talk-radio trap to fall into<<

Yeah, that's what I hear too.  When you have a group of people sitting around discussing politics, and everyone is agreeing with each other, that can spell, umm, boredom.  Conflict is what I believe makes the listening compelling.  Limbaugh has a way of presenting both sides (well, his own slant on the liberal side) and then stating his case... this makes listening more interesting. The other thing I've noticed was that they leave the same caller on for long periods of time.  This might be due to the fact that no one is calling, and so by default, people just get left on, but sounds a bit bush-league to me.

Rick Kelly

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