Nassau Flipped Today

Larry Weil
Thu Apr 15 16:09:53 EDT 2004

At 04:00 PM 4/15/2004, rogerkirk wrote:
> >David Tomm wrote:
> >>All Access is reporting that 1470 will be a "50's, 60's & 70's" based
> >>AC.  Basically that means "standards."
> >
>Larry Weil responded:
> >It does?  That sounds like oldies to me.
> >
>If the phrase 50's-based AC is being used, I'd call it
>standards.  IMO, unless "High School Confidential" and
>"Jailhouse Rock" now qualify as AC, they are Oldies.

The fact that the description included 60's and 70's is what made me think 
the format is basically not standards, although it could include some.  I 
mean, there are people doing standards to this very day, but if someone 
said a station has a contemporary format, I would not think of 
standards.  If a format was described as 40's and 50's, then I would 
probably think of standards.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH 

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