WLLO-LP 102.9 Londonderry - more comments

Peter Q. George radiojunkie3@yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 13:38:38 EDT 2004

As a big supporter for LPFM, I expect that WLLO-LP is
going through "growing pains", trying to get all of
the kinks out of their equipment.  Give them a chance
and they just might surprise you.  As for the EAS bit,
I'm sure they will get it all together.  With "The Man
from Mars" running the NH EAS program, I'm sure the
citizens of NH are well prepared for any emergency. 

Here in the South Shore of Boston we have a high
school station at Rockland High School, WRPS-FM
(88.3).  While it is not an LPFM per-say, it is a
grandfathered Class A, which came to the air in
January, 1974 as a mono Class D (10 watt) on 91.5. 
Today, it is 24/7, 100 watt Stereo station.  During
the school year, the kids have a practical experience
after school, on the air.  All other times, it is
automated Hot Top-40 music in Stereo.  I might not
like the music at times, but I like the fact that they
cater quite well to the Rockland community and beyond.
 They also provide coverage of the Rockland School
Committee meetings and the yearly Town Meeting.  All
in all, it's a good sounding station.

Support these small stations.  They are the only means
for LOCAL and live programming left, to some cities in
towns that get nothing but "lip service" from the
full-powered stations.  


Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts

--- John Bolduc <n1qgs@yahoo.com> wrote:
> My typo, 102.9
> I find that 102.7 and 103.1 would have been much
> better choices of
> frequencies to use, even though you have adjacent
> 102.5 WCRB and 103.3
> WODS to think about.
> Personally I think they should tighten up the
> co-channel restrictions and
> considerably loosen up the adjacent channel
> restraints.
> As it is now, when riding in your car, there are two
> nearly unusable
> station on 102.9. They just beat the heck out of
> each other throughout the
> intended coverage area (Londonderry) except near the
> North School
> transmitter site. 
> The High School location, is also adjacent to the a
> Middle and Elementary
> School. Driving by there the WLLO-LP signal gets
> some co-channel
> interference. There are certain spots in the library
> parking lot across
> the street that if you position your car properly,
> you can get a good
> stereo signal from WBLM.
> The audio quality of WLLO-LP is disappointing. The
> lows and highs just
> aren't there. If you adjust your low bass to fit
> WLLO-LP, you will get a
> rude awakening when you drive 50 feet and WBLM comes
> again dominates.
> Sounds like they over process that audio, quiet
> passages get very hissy.
> But what other station can you go from Patsy Cline
> and segue into Procal
> Harem.  Actually some of their music selections are
> old seldom played
> favorite of mine. It's not too often you hear Karla
> Bonoff on commercial
> radio. 
> John
> Derry
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