Nassau comes to town

Jason Roberts - WCTB/WHQO/WSKW
Sat Apr 10 15:26:06 EDT 2004

The NAB disagrees with you, as well, Sid. The Maine Association of
Broadcasters had a seminar for member stations, presented by the NAB's
(Chief?) Legal Counsel, during which we were warned about all of the things
that could cause equal access rules to kick in or the LUR to be adjusted to
benefit the buyer. One I remember very clearly was the case in which station
talent was running for office; according to the speaker, a station would
have justification to terminate the employment of said employee because
other candidates for the same office could request time equal to the time
said employee was on the air.

The caveat in the situation we're discussing here, though, is that only
qualified candidates running for the same office in the SAME ELECTION have
the right to request the equal time. In the case of a Kerry speech, for
example, assuming we were within the proper time frame for the state's
primary, only another DEMOCRAT candidate could request equal time since only
another Democrat could be running against him in the primary.

My notes are at the office and I'm not, but the one thing that was banged
into our heads at that seminar is that the rules most definitely still


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