Dan takes one for the team! (was: Re: Maine Public Radio fundraising)

Dan Billings billings@suscom-maine.net
Tue Apr 6 00:00:16 EDT 2004

It was like watching a car wreck -- I couldn't tune away.

I was also fascinated to fund out how long the break would last.  It went 25

Maine Public Radio starts out the week with breaks from :20 to :30 and :50
to :60 during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  I don't find that
objectionable.  It doesn't blow up the programming.  By mid to late week,
they are blowing through the top of the hour.

Public TV is downright weird.  They change their whole format for
fundraising.  None of their regular shows are aired and they start running
Grateful Dead concerts.  If PBS is TV worth watching, why is it different
during pledge weeks?

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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