Donna Quoted in BS Marketwatch

Laurence Glavin
Sun Apr 4 14:00:35 EDT 2004

Those of you who heard today's (04/04) first-run of
LTAR heard Bob mention that Donna Halper will be 
co-host of next week's show.  But if you can't wait until
then for your DH fix, she's quoted in a CBS Marketwatch
item on the Bob Edwards NPR improglio.  I couldn't get
the extended URL to work, so YOU people will have to do
a little work, but it's worth it.  Here's the Home Page 

Scroll a short distance down to the links for 'MEDIA'...
then click on the story titled "Commercial stations don't
try to match NPR"

I don't know how long this story will remain on CBS Marketwatch, so
do it now!

Laurence Glavin

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