Herald's Dean Johnson on new 1150 talker

Bill O'Neill billo@shoreham.net
Tue Oct 28 08:57:15 EST 2003

> Here's a data point: I searched Google News for
> "ultraconservative" and got
> "about 470" hits.   A search for "ultraliberal" yielded
> "about 4" hits.
> --RC

The expression "open and affirming" is one I'd not heard before.  Once, watching
WCAX (Channel 3, Burlington), they were reporting a story on the
Anglican/Episcopal church discussing opening leadership to homosexuals.  The
news piece clearly described those who would be in favor of such as "open and
affirming."  I wrote a letter to the editor asking if they believed that people
who would not favor such a move as closed and unaffirming?  To their credit, I
got a quick response from the ND saying that it slipped by and was improper

Bill O'Neill

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