CCU to install RDS in 192 FM stations

Mon Oct 27 15:12:42 EST 2003

Aaron Read wrote:
> There's the obvious problem that scant few radios can even
> receive  RDS/RBDS in the first place, even fewer can auto-tune to a new
> station  based on that protocol (something like 1% of 1% I'd
> imagine...perhaps more  or less, but it's precious few).

I don't know about the ability to auto-tune, but don't most new GM radios
have RDS?  Every one I've seen does (at least having the ability to
display calls/slogan).  One problem with car radios is that the feds
mandated that it not scroll the "slogan" defaults to the call
letter field and will scroll the slogan field only once when selected. 
Older RDS-equipped radios could be set to display either.  Makes it a bit
tougher to display title/artist info, and hardly worth the bother.

I'm sure other vehicle mfgrs. also offer RDS radios.

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