WRLP 32 Greenfield/Winchester NH

Fitzpatrick, Mike engineer@the-spa.com
Sun Oct 26 18:37:39 EST 2003

Took a trip up to Keene, NH on Saturday and stopped over to the Gun HILL
site of defunct WRLP 32 (Located on the top of Gun Mountain Winchester NH).

For those who may not know, I took a trip about two years ago and took many
pictures of the site, and noticed the old 32 antenna still top mounted to
the tower, with COAX going about 1/3 down the side of the tower. The
building was very degraded, with the doors falling off of it, etc. and the
property had not been maintained in a long time.

However since that trip, the top mount antenna has been removed and is
sitting on the ground next to the old transmitter building. The coax is
gone, the building re-boarded back up.  A new cement pad (not a tower
supporting one, a small one) and a new cement vault have been installed next
to the tower. Also a new reel of Waveguide was sitting near the power poles
and meter box. Also the "Gun Mountain Tower" sign has been replaced with a
new one, with a new phone number.

It is nice to see the old tower maybe getting repurposed after who knows how
many years of misuse.

It should be noted that the tower still needs to be fenced, relit, the ASRN
(Tower Registration Number) needs to get mounted somewhere, and the ASRN
data needs to be adjusted for the change in height.

Pictures of the old tower can be seen here:

I will try to get some pictures of the current state of it next weekend.


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