Fwd: RE: Fwd: WFXT 'Been QRP; WODS 'Gone Jingle Bellin'

Sean sps199@psu.edu
Wed Nov 26 22:57:06 EST 2003

Gary writes:
<< I've been catching some weird things happening on the AM dial the last two
nights.  I travelled Rt. 4 from Concord(NH) to Andover(NH) the last two
evenings and I've got 1290 out of Keene, 1270 out of Dover, 1510(i think - the
station out of Nashua) and WFEA 1370 as clear as a bell during the whole trip. 
Tonight I was able to receive 1350 out of Laconia clearly.  Must be some type
of atmospheric conditions. >>

Some observations from driving around Quincy and Braintree tonight:

* WESX coming in clear as a bell (normally there's a LOT of junk on that
* WSAR also coming in fairly clear in Braintree;
* WQEW coming in better than usual; 
* No reception of WBAL AT ALL.

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