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Nostaticatall nostaticatall@comcast.net
Wed Nov 26 15:41:01 EST 2003

If a listener is tuning out because they don't want to hear non stop 
holiday tunes, chances are the advertiser won't care because that person 
is not their target.  Advertisers, particularly retailers, WANT to reach 
listeners that are in the holiday spirit and willing to spend money.  If 
you're cruising around listening to Christmas songs, retailers want you 
to hear their message!  Plus, over the last couple of years, stations 
that have adopted all Christmas formats have enjoyed noticeable ratings 
spikes in the last four to five weeks of the fall book.  Sure, WODS and 
Star will lose a few listeners during the holiday season, but they'll 
probably gain more than they lose during the period.  If I was buying 
airtime and wanted to reach the 35-54 female, I'd probably buy ODS and 
Star--at least through Christmas Day.

Mike Thomas

Lorraine Smith wrote:

>If I were an advertiser this holiday season, I
>would give serious consideration as where my
>dollars were being spent. If a listener is tuning
>out because they don't want "much more Christmas
>music", it's a good bet they won't be sticking around
>for the sponsors message.

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