WBIX testing night signal

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Tue Nov 25 12:26:37 EST 2003

WBIX is FINALLY testing its night signal. I had given up on its ever going
on the air but I tuned past at about 11:15 AM and heard one of the show
hosts responding to a caller who had complained about signal problems.
Shortly after noon, a canned liner came on that said something like "If you
are having trouble with reception, WBIX is testing its new night signal. We
will soon be operating 24 and 7. In the meantime, as our engineers test the
new nighttime signal, we won't always be using our normal 40-thousand-watt
daytime power during the day. Remember, you can always hear us at
WBIX1060.com." Although I can't tell whether the station is running the full
2500W, the signal is about as good as I had expected--that is, much better
than I recall during the waning days of WBIV (1060's last call sign before
it went dark in the early 90s). For listeners, though, the real test will
come during nighttime hours, when we'll find out how the signal competes
with KYW, and probably more important, with WEPN 1050 in New York City.

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