WODS 'Gone Jingle Bellin'

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@yahoo.com
Tue Nov 25 03:21:56 EST 2003

--- Paul Hopfgarten <hopfgapr@sprynet.com> wrote:
2 FMs in New Orleans (no
> calls mentioned) that
> went all Xmas got many complaints, and switched back
> to 'normal' format(s).

I heard 'ODS say it's "Our Christmas gift to you;
Christmas oldies and more". Question is, what is
the "and more"? Does that mean they'll play 
Christmas tunes AND some non-Christmas ones as well,
or does it mean they're definitely all-Christmas
but not every Yule tune they'll play is an oldie?

Wonder if they'll get complaints. While some may call
in and praise them I'm sure they're also getting
calls and emails from listeners who a)wish they
could hear regular oldies again-- "it's too
early for Christmas tunes!" OR b)concerned listeners
who wonder if a format change is coming.

> Maybe 'ODS got complaints as well....and is this an
> Infinity phenominon,
> send one station in each city to Xmas?

OK, Infinity has 'ODS, Entercom has 'QSX...does
this mean Greater Media jumps in with 'MJX? Each
company having ONE station in town doing Christmas?

Also: will 'ODS "all Christmas" affect their
Thu. night countdown show (probably pre-empted
this week anyway) or "Lost 45s", or will there
be an all-Christmas countdown and/or week after
week of all-Christmas Lost 45s?

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