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Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Mon Nov 24 15:37:29 EST 2003

On 11/24/03 1:56 AM, "Hakim Madjid" <hmadjid@yahoo.com> wrote:

> By the way I remember the quadraphonic experiments
> carried out jointly by WCRB and WGBH in the around
> 1969 - 1970 or so, where one of the two would
> broadcast the front channels, and the other would
> broadcast the rear channels. This was so far back I
> forgot which station did which. :-) This of course
> required a listener to have 2 FM tuners and 4 channels
> of amplification, or 2 receivers.

I recall that there was a series of rock concerts in the early 70's
in which the front two channels were broadcast on WBCN, the two
rear channels were broadcast on WGBH, and the picture (mostly shots
of the bands performance superimposed over swirling "psychedelic"
graphics) was on PBS-TV, I think it was Ch. 44 rather than Ch. 2.

WBCN even had an on-air "match up" service to help listeners in the
same towns join their stereo and video systems together (and make
little parties of it). This was back when "FM underground" rock
stations performed such hippie-era services as "ride boards", etc..

If I recall correctly, some of the bands that may have appeared on
this short-lived series included the Jefferson Airplane, Santana,
The Grateful Dead, and Pink Floyd.

Eli Polonsky

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