WFXT 'Been QRP; WODS 'Gone Jingle Bellin'

Bob Nelson
Mon Nov 24 13:58:03 EST 2003

--- "Kaimbridge M. GoldChild"
<> wrote:

> First noticed this morning at 9:05am by YT,
> WODS-103.3 has become the
> first (and only?) Boston station to go holiday music
> for the next
> month.

Will WROR counter-program by playing mostly regular
format stuff, with only a dash of Christmas tunes;
with more and more Christmas being added until a
2 or 3 day period of all Christmas just before the
holiday? Admittedly 'ROR and 'ODS are not identical
formats-- oldies of 60s and 70s vs. classic rock
of 60s/70s/80s-- but some of their artists/songs
do overlap.

Bob Bittner has mentioned his policy of slowly but
surely adding more and more Yule to the mix, then
maybe having a festival of holiday tunes just around
the holiday.

Maybe 'ODS figures people will "Need a little
Christmas, right this very minute" (as the song 
from "Mame" goes) and the music will put them in 
a jovial mood--and maybe retailers will play
WODS in their shops.

Christmas tunes can indeed be fun but you wonder
if there's some overkill here. What's next: who's
the first station to go all-Christmas by Halloween?
Columbus Day? Labor Day? :) (OK, admittedly the
"holiday season" is said to start with T-giving
and 'ODS is just jumping in a bit early...but
what's wrong with slowly adding more and more?

I'd guess those who aren't quite ready for all
Kris Kringle all the time but still want to hear
oldies or classic rock will find themselves
going to other oldies/classic rock stations.

That is, till THEY jump on the bandwagon too :)

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