Shake-up at WEEI

Hakim Madjid
Mon Nov 24 12:26:37 EST 2003

--- Nostaticatall <> wrote:

> There seems 
> to be a "rocky" relationship between the new Sox
> brass and WEEI, so 
> bringing in a new face to try and mend fences and
> work out a new rights 
> deal makes sense for Entercom.  This move has
> nothing to do with the 
> Dennis and Callahan/Gorilla situation.  It's all
> about the Sox.

Except for the fact that the Red Sox brass might begin
to have their doubts, given all the bad publicity over
the Dennis and Callahan Gorilla situation.
>  A
> Sox-free WEEI would 
> probably wind up being a 3 share station most of the
> year, which is 
> still better than what most successful sports
> stations pull around the 
> country.  WFAN, despite all of their play by play
> deals, only gets a 2.5 
> share most of the time in New York and they are one
> of the highest 

I wonder what WAFN's numbers would be if they had the
Yankees rights instead of the Mets.

> Entercom would like to keep the Sox, but if they
> don't, they are 
> probably working on a post-Sox contingency plan.

What would the contingency plan be, I wonder? I am
amused that after WEEI lost the Celtics rights, on
Celtics game nights, Ted Sarandis prattles on and on
about BC basketball, instead of the Celtics - almost
as if there's sour grapes at 'EEI over the loss of the
Celtics contract. Let's face it, except among some
alumni/ae college sports simply do not have the
following of the pro teams around here.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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