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On 22 Nov 2003 at 10:16, RBB wrote:

> In the 1950's, WCRB-FM did a stereo simulcast with WGBH-FM of a Boston
> Symphony Orchestra concert as an "experiment" so the listener could
> experience "sound-around" stereo as if seated in the concert hall.  The
> late Bill Busick put the technical audio together for WGBH, there were
> four or more microphones suspended in Symphony Hall.  Listeners had to
> have two FM stereo radios, one tuned to 'GBH the other to 'CRB, with
> speakers in four corners of the living room,  and "voila" -

This can't be right, since there were no FM stereo radios in the 1950s.  Either this was a two-
channel experiment, whereby two regular FM radios were needed or, if it was a quad-stereo 
experiment, it had to have taken place sometime in the 60s.

> surround-stereo (without commercials).  It was a big deal at the time,
> thanks to the creative thinking of Bill Busick and perhaps there was only
> one (maybe two) performances to experiment dual station stereo.
There were quite regular dual-station stereo broadcasts in the late 50s, involving WGBH, 
WBUR, and WBCN at least.  Also, WCRB was regularly broadcasting in stereo by putting 
one channel on AM and one on FM.  WBZ also did stereo that way for one hour on Sunday 

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