Why Willard "Mitt" Romney is Mass. Governor?

Joseph Pappalardo joepappalardo2001@yahoo.com
Sat Nov 22 16:48:29 EST 2003

> wCould it be that the
> radio broadcasts of the MTC helped him attain the corner
> office, where he has only a fraction of the power of
> the Tax Man, elected by only a few thousand denizens of Mattapan?

Could be.  But I think people nowadays have much more information and can
judge other people based on what they see...and not just what they've been

People nowadays see Mormons as clean-living, responsible, family centered
people.  (Crime rate in Utah is ultra low.....and many of the 'quality of
life' issues are high.)  And whatever their actual theology is their own
business.  For many years we relied on the whacko stories of mormons spread
from person to person to base our acceptance.

Broadcasting, cable, radio, TV, internet has certainly made the world a
smaller place....and given way to the "Hey, they are just like us" feeling.

I recently had dealing with someone from the Czech Republic, the former
Czechoslovakia.  Their favorite show?  Friends!   Just had a guest from
Argentina, his favorite show, MTV TRL.
(Now to be honest, I woulda though the Czechs would be watching old 'Hazel'
reruns in B&W, 16mm.  But, sattelite and cable has done a lot to bridge the

I have no doubt that the MTC helped bring Mormomism into the mainstream.
But I think the more we get to know each other, the more we realize we all
are pretty much the same.

Mitt has presented himself as a courtly gentlemen...withstanding any
philosophical and political differences you may have.

I  was quite impressed when he didn't take Shannon O'Brien's bait during
that last debate....maintained his composure, made his points and never once
shot a 'low blow' to Shannon.  THIS from a Mormon?  Whoda Thunk?

And that debate was brought right into our living rooms.   In the pre-radio
days, we would had to have taken the Globe's perspective on what happenned
there.  (Shutter to think!)



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