Brattleboro Selectboard passes diluted resolution for rfb
Fri Nov 21 20:16:23 EST 2003

Hi Pete and the Group...

I stand corrected and will crawl back under my rock and await the arrival of 
the Woulf Hong and accept my punishment as a true radio affectionado who 
doesn't know his Part 15 Rules should...

Thanks for the Great Link!


>As for Part 15...if you only control the measured power and not the ERP, you 
> leave a situation where a properly located 100mw transmitter with an 
> appropriately designed antenna system on a tower or mountaintop has the 
same range as a ....<

>I'm not sure where this misinformation came from, but Part 15 doesn't 
>state anything about 100mw on FM, to my memory. Field strength limits 
>exist for all frequencies, save for those under 9KHz. There are other 

>Take a look at Part 15 of Chapter 1 of Title 47.


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