Where I Was 40 Years Ago (a radio story)

Dan Billings billings@suscom-maine.net
Fri Nov 21 19:29:56 EST 2003

I wasn't born when President Kennedy was shot and quickly turn the channel
when any of the Kennedy shows come on.  Everyone says broadcasters aim their
programming at young people, but that's certainly not the case this week
with all the Kennedy shows.

How come there's never a show on the anniversary of the McKinley
assassination?  ;-)

My late father always told this story of where he was when Kennedy was
killed:  He took a break from working on the farm and heard the news on the
radio.  He went back into the barn and told his father "The President's been
shot."  His father' response was "Good."

Now that's a unique story.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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