THE Game in HD on WLVI?

Mark Watson
Fri Nov 21 18:51:51 EST 2003

 Garrett Wollman wrote:.

>WLVI was promoting their coverage of THE Game live
>tomorrow from New Haven in HD.  Would this be the first >local sports
program to be produced in HD?

   No, your eyes didn't deceive you Garrett.Yes, WLVI is carrying the
Harvard-Yale football game (known by locals as simply "The Game"). I read an
article in today's Boston Herald that WLVI has a 4 year deal to carry the
Harvard-Yale football game. Yes they are producing it in HD, teaming up with
an outside HD production company (name was mentioned in article, but escapes
me at the moment).

  Also of note: WLVI's coverage of tomorrow's Harvard-Yale game will also
air on WGN-TV Chicago, and will air in Ireland as well.

  Slightly off-topic: Hope you're feeling better Garrett.

Mark Watson

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